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FreeThoughtAction works to educate the general public about the personal, social and practical benefits of free and rational thought and action based on logic, reason and the scientific method as opposed to unquestioned acceptance of ancient tradition, religion and superstition. By raising awareness of these benefits, our hope is to encourage the continuing growth, open engagement, and public acceptance of a Freethought community in American society.

What are "freethinkers"?
Freethinker is a long-standing term dating back hundreds of years to the Enlightenment. The American Heritage Dictionary defines a freethinker as "One who has rejected authority and dogma, especially in religious thinking, in favor of rational inquiry and speculation." Many of the Founding Fathers of America including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine are well known to be freethinkers as were other noted Americans such as Mark Twain, Susan B. Anthony and Abraham Lincoln.

In the modern sense, freethinker is a broad term which includes Atheists, Agnostics, Brights, Humanists, Secularists, Skeptics and others who either do not believe in a god or believe the possibility of a god or gods to be so remote as to be irrelevant to day-to-day life.

How are you different from other Freethought groups?
Most Freethought groups are focused on affiliation and discussion among the most active freethinkers. FTA, on the other hand, exists for the specific purpose of marketing rational thinking in America. We focus on tactics that place a Freethought message more directly and assertively into the marketplace of ideas. We're not bashful about it: we want to change America for the better. And we provide you with easy ways - through donation or action - to advance the cause.

We have a lot of respect for many Freethought groups (you can link to them HERE) - many of us, in fact are members of one or more of these groups - and exist to complement not compete with their efforts. But FTA is all about tactics and action that all freethinkers can support whether they are affiliated with a Freethought group or not.

Why are you trying to take away people's religion from them?
Our motivation is not to take away something but to give something of far greater value: a more meaningful life based on reality not superstition.

Do you want to ban religion?
Absolutely not. We don't want to force people to give up religion. We want to convince people to give up religion mainly because it is untrue but also because it is outdated, divisive and counterproductive. All we want is the opportunity to compete fairly in the American marketplace of ideas consistent with the Constitution's right to free speech and the Founders' deliberate exclusion of religion from American government.

Why don't you believe in God?
There's no one answer to that. We've all come to our conclusions differently. But for many of us it's something like the following:

In the thousands of years since the writing of The Bible (or the many hundreds of years since the Koran, for that matter), humankind has learned much that makes it impossible for logical, informed people to believe it is literally true. We've learned that the Earth is round, that it revolves around the Sun (and not vice versa), that the Earth is billions of years old and that humans evolved slowly over that period of time as opposed to being pressed whole from clay on the sixth day. In addition, there are many stories ranging from floods that wiped out all animals except those on the ark to babies being born to virgins that just are not credible. Therefore, the Bible, the source of the concept of "God", is a flawed work and cannot be relied upon for an accurate view of who we are and how we got here.

Further, there is no credible independent evidence of the existence of "God" outside of the Bible and plenty of evidence that "He" doesn't exist. As one example, the Holocaust shows either the lack of a god or one that is ineffectual or uncaring even under extreme circumstances.

We believe the best way to have the clearest, most accurate view of life is to strip away ancient superstitions and build on the tremendous body of knowledge and discovery of thousands of years of science.

Why are you so mean?
We don't mean to be mean, we just mean what we say and say what we mean. We don't believe in gods and, frankly, think it's kind of silly in this day and age to still believe in them.

But we do believe that you have the right to believe whatever you'd like. Just don't expect us to applaud your brilliance when you say things that are illogical, irrational and totally unsupported by convincing evidence. In your churches and homes, say what you will. But when you come into the public square, metaphorically speaking, you can expect superstition and untruths to be challenged and countered.

Isn't a life without God a life without meaning?
We think the opposite is true. What could be more meaningless than a life devoted to an imaginary supernatural being? Or a life where all your actions are due to an unseen puppetmaster yanking on your strings? Or a life that is just a pre-season exhibition to see if you make it to the eternal afterlife that matters?

Freethinkers, on the other hand, are entirely tuned into this life in the here-and-now as opposed to a hereafter that is unlikely to come. We choose what is meaningful to us, whether family, friends, work, sports, the arts, etc. We know that this life is most likely the only one we get and therefore cherish it all the more.

There's another big advantage to being a freethinker. Rather than having to reconcile one's religious beliefs in the face of mountains of contradictory scientific evidence, one can embrace the unique and inspiring vantage point we humans have in the 21st Century. While there is still much to learn, we are among the first beings on the planet to have a pretty good grasp of where we are in the universe and where we came from. We wouldn't give that up for the all the gods on Mount Olympus.

Won't society fall apart without religion to keep us in line?
Again, there is strong evidence that the opposite is true. A 2005 study found that more secular societies (ones where a lower percentage of people strongly believe in God) work better. They tend to have lower crime rates, less poverty, fewer abortions and teenage pregnancies, and so on. In fact, people in more secular societies even tend to live longer. The study doesn't attempt to explain why this happens, but we suspect it has to do with better problem solving based on rational thinking unhindered by ancient superstition.

Most freethinkers, like most Americans, are quite moral and have the desire to be responsible members of society. We don't need an imaginary hell to keep us from committing murder or rape. But for those members of society - freethinkers and otherwise - who need good reason to act within acceptable bounds, laws and jails are there to serve that purpose.

What can I do to help?
There's information throughout the site on ways you can help bring about a more rational America. But certainly one of the quickest and easiest is to contribute. Every dollar raised on the web goes directly to placing more media which reaches more people with our message, which leads more people to this site, which leads to more contributions, which leads to more media. You can also buy goods (t-shirts, etc.) at our STORE which help raise funds for administration (website, etc.) while raising our profile. But at the very least, the most important thing you can do is proudly and loudly stand up in your local community as a freethinker and insist on the respect that your beliefs deserve while asking that religion be kept where it belongs, out of government, politics and public schools.

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