Don't Believe In God? You Are Not Alone

If you are a non-religious American here’s great news: We are now the largest “religious” group in America. That’s right, people who have left religion behind have zoomed past the shrinking numbers of Evangelicals and the rapidly collapsing number of Catholics. Secular Americans now equal a full quarter of the population.

The time has come for the acknowledgement and acceptance of the non-religious that our numbers deserve. Instead, we live in a country where the two major statements of patriotism, the motto (“In God We Trust”) and Pledge of Allegiance (“one nation under God”), were deliberately changed in the 1950s to exclude us. Where politicians, even secular ones, feel compelled to end speeches with an obligatory, “God bless the United States of America.” Where many people throughout the country are harassed and ostracized simply for their decision to leave ancient religions behind.

FreethoughtAction has spent more than a decade encouraging secular Americans to come out and stand together through traditional and internet marketing, educational campaigns, community-building projects, recognition of everyday “FreethoughtAction Heroes,” and, most importantly, by forging ties among various freethought groups to increase awareness and acceptance of non-religious Americans.

You can find out more about us HERE, you can find out about our projects HERE, you can learn more about our freethought heroes HERE, or you can check out the resources we offer HERE.

We hope you will support us by donating and by buying stuff in our store. But most importantly, we encourage you to come out, speak up, act to keep religion out of politics, and join any freethought and secular organizations that speak to your interests and outlook. You can find those organizations through the Secular Directory (which we helped create) HERE.

FreethoughtAction works to educate the general public about the personal, social and practical benefits of free and rational thought and action based on logic, reason and the scientific method as opposed to unquestioned acceptance of ancient tradition, religion and superstition. By raising awareness of these benefits, our hope is to encourage the continuing growth, open engagement, and public acceptance of a Freethought community in American society.